4 Quick Firewood Tips

With cold snaps hitting in the heart of winter in Minnesota, it’s important to be sure you’re getting the most out of your firewood. Our firewood tips can help you get every therm possible.

Read more below, and contact us today to get firewood delivered and stacked at your home or business!

1. Heat Value

Using a variety of wood in your stove works best. Fill your wood stove with oak or ash for the colder nights and maple for milder nights or the beginning and end of the season. It’s always good to use a mix, but in general oak and ash have more heat value.

Minnesota varieties of wood we supply have the following heat values:

  • 1 cord of Oak or Ash = 200-250 gallons of fuel oil or 250-300 cubic feet of natural gas
  • 1 cord of Maple = 150-200 gallons of fuel oil or 250-300 cubic feet of natural gas

2. Seasoned Wood

Ron’s Tree Service and Firewood will deliver perfectly seasoned firewood. This means it’s been cut, split, dried and kept out of the weather for approximately two years to remove most of the moisture from it. The total moisture will be below 20% after our seasoning process, which makes for excellent burning.

3. Safety

Burning firewood creates many byproducts: smoke, water vapor, gases, tar and more. These byproducts can accrue in your fireplace and chimney, increasing the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ensure your fireplace and chimney are properly vented and cleaned regularly for safety.

4. Efficiency

The components of your wood stove are all extremely important to its efficiency. From the stove to the smoke pipe and chimney (and even the operator), all the components have to be in great working order to get the best efficiency from your firewood.

Make sure you have your stove inspected, or know how to inspect it yourself at least annually.