Storm Damage in Minneapolis

Most storm damage occurs when limbs break or trees fall. Summer storms often carry high winds and saturated soil, which cause roots to fail and branches to weaken. Winter storms can dump thousands of pounds of ice and snow on your tree canopies, which can accumulate quickly and snap branches or entire trees.

Anytime storm damage occurs, it’s difficult to know what to do first or how to approach it. That’s why you’ll need a trusted professional to handle storm cleanup and inspection of your remaining trees to make sure no surprises are still waiting for you.

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Storm Damage Cleanup

When a severe storm happens, our first priority is to work with contractors and insurance companies to remove trees and branches from houses, driveways, fences, cars and other structures. Next, we work to clean up the yard and other areas of fallen branches which can lead to personal injury.

Our crew works quickly and efficiently to cut branches and trunks into manageable sizes and remove them quickly without creating additional mess or damage. Our goal with storm damage cleanup is to leave your yard looking as if the storm never happened – barring any physical damage or the removal of a tree.

After the main trunk or branches are taken away, we can begin an inspection process on your trees to ensure they are healthy and you can continue to use your yard safely. If significant damage has occurred to branches, they may need to be trimmed. If significant damage has happened at the root level – leading to a leaning tree – the entire plant may need to be removed.

Tree Inspection

A tree inspection can happen anytime – you can choose to have it done once a year, or call for us after a storm to determine if any branches are just barely holding on and pose a threat to your property or health.

In many cases, hazards are not always obvious to the untrained eye and correcting them can be a dangerous job. While it’s impossible to totally protect your trees and property from severe storms, our crew can inspect for issues that could predispose trees to failure. This could include a climbing inspection or an analysis of decay that may be present in the branches, stems, or roots.

Even if you routinely care for your trees, when a severe storm hits, be sure to have a professional review your property for any issues resulting from the weather.

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