4 Tips For Spring Tree Care

It’s the “spring tree care” time of year! April this year is full of sun, rain, and temperatures that are making the grass, trees, and flowers green up and prepare to bud. But, are you ready to care for your trees?

Let’s look at some key tips to make sure your trees are at their healthiest this growing season.

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4 Tips For Spring Tree Care

1. Inspect For Health

This spring, take time to circle around each tree. Inspect the bark for physical damage like chunks that may be missing. You'll also want to look for dead or rotting wood, as well as lesions on leaves as they appear. Remove any dead or diseased limbs.

2. Remove Weeds

Around the base of the tree, look for any weeds which need to be removed. If the tree is part of your landscaped yard, it’s best to keep grass back as well and use wood chips or another ground cover to prevent competition for water.

3. Make A Watering Plan

You should keep the soil around your tree as moist as possible, but not wet. This encourages roots to grow deep, as there’s no competition for water if there’s enough. You’ll need about ten gallons of water for every inch of trunk diameter, so make a watering plan to provide enough water. Be sure to water slowly so the water gets deep into the ground.

4. Prepare Mulch

Mulch can help prevent water from evaporating away from the tree, keeping more moisture in the ground. If you mulch, have a 3-5 inch layer from the base of the trunk and extending 18 inches or so in a circle around the tree.

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