4 Reasons To Rely On Ron's Seasoned Firewood

Whether you’re burning firewood in a wood stove, wood burning fireplace or in an outdoor fire pit, the secret to great fires is properly seasoned firewood.

Ron’s Tree Service and Firewood ensures you receive perfectly seasoned firewood. This means it’s been cut, split and dried out of the weather for approximately two years to remove most of the moisture from it. The total moisture will be below 20% after our seasoning process.

Let’s look at the best reasons to rely on Ron’s to get you excellently seasoned firewood, and get in touch when you’re ready for free delivery and free stacking!


1. Safety

Creosote is a top concern for anyone using a wood stove. This chemical is released by burning any wood, but burning wet wood dramatically increases the rate of creosote buildup on your flue and chimney, increasing the risk of a chimney fire. Using seasoned firewood can help keep your home safer.


2. Efficiency

Seasoning wood, or removing moisture, increases the efficiency of heating in a wood burning stove. If there’s water in the wood, some of the heat energy created by burning will need to be used to remove the water – instead of to heat your home.

Wood with moisture at just 40% can hurt your burning efficiency by 50%. Fresh cut wood usually has a 60% moisture content.


3. Ease Of Use

Because of moisture needing more energy to be burned, it can also take longer to ignite. This can be a huge pain if you rely on burning wood to heat your home. Even once you ignite green, unseasoned firewood, it won’t burn as well or produce as much heat. Lighting seasoned firewood is much easier and more effective.


4. Cleanliness

Wet wood also increases smoke and soot output. In early stages of burning, gasifying occurs which emits harmful pollutants. This can color your glass in front of your fireplace, the brick on your fireplace and is also harder on the environment. Properly seasoned firewood is available at Ron’s Tree Service and Firewood today, contact us to learn more!