5 Reasons To Remove Diseased Trees

The decision to remove diseased trees should be an easy one. They attract pests which can infest other trees, their disease infect other trees, they may fall and cause damage or death, they’re easier to remove when they’re more stable, and they’re plain unattractive.

Let’s dive deeper into each of these reasons to fully explain why you should remove diseased trees ASAP.

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5 Reasons To Remove Diseased Trees

1. Pests

A dead tree is extremely attractive to pests. Carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-boring insects will find the tree and make a comfy home out of it. These bugs will multiply, which means that other trees or even your house could be in danger of being infested. 

Other animals may also seek out the tree and nest in it. Rats are known to create nests in dead trees and can easily make the jump to your home.

2. Can Infest Other Healthy Trees

How did the diseased tree die? Your other trees may also be susceptible to the same disease. Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Cankers, Apple Scab, and so many others are easy to pass between trees, making the need to remove diseased trees so much greater.

3. Falling Damage

Once your tree dies, it begins to rot. Insects, animals, and microbes begin to break down the fiber of the trunk, weakening it. Whether from a storm or time, the tree will eventually fall resulting in damage to at least your yard, if not your home, vehicles, or family members. Take control of the situation.

4. Easier To Remove Now Than Later

Removing diseased trees now is easier and less expensive than later. If they fall on your house or car, besides the added expense, it’s harder to extricate the tree. If a tree service can get involved early, we can determine how we want the tree to fall to cause the least fuss and provide the easiest transport out.

5. Unattractive

Dead trees don’t produce leaves or fruit. They are bare year-round and can get large scars on the exterior from pests, woodpeckers, and more. A dead tree is not attractive to have in your landscaping plan. Definitely remove it.

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