5 Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Remove Trees

Planning to remove trees is a large undertaking, and you may not want to go it alone. There’s a lot of safety equipment you’ll need to have on-hand, advance planning, and liability to undertake. But, if you’re planning to remove trees your own, you’ll need to keep the below tips in mind.

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5 Tips To Consider Before You Remove Trees

1. Permits/Licensing

Your local government may have restrictions on who can actually remove or work on trees. They may require a licensed professional to have a permit with the city or county before doing this work. Or, it may be possible for you to remove the tree yourself without any sort of permit.


2. Examine The Tree

Do your research and examine the tree you're removing thoroughly. Does it lean one way or the other? Are there any broken branches? Are there any hollow sounds when you strike the trunk in various spots? Is there anything around the tree it could hit? Does the land slope near the tree, which could cause it to roll after falling?

These are all extremely important factors that will affect how you remove the tree safely.


3. Gear/Supplies

If you’re going the DIY route for tree removal, you need to have proper safety equipment. We recommend for our employees and you:

  • Kevlar leg coverings
  • Hard hat
  • Steel toe boots
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Goggles
  • First-aid kit - fully-stocked
  • Chainsaw - sharpened, oiled, gassed
  • A spotter/partner with a cell phone
  • Ladder
  • Rope
  • Axe
  • Wedges

4. Escape Route

When the tree is on its way down, you need to have a way out already planned. You should never take your eyes off the tree, so have your escape route memorized and clear of obstructions so you can run backward or sideways while watching the tree fall.


5. Call A Professional

The risks of removing a tree by yourself generally outweigh the benefits. Hiring someone who knows what they’re doing can prevent serious damage and injuries.

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