How Ash & Oak Became Favorite Winter Firewoods

With cold snaps hitting in the heart of winter in Minnesota, it’s important to be sure you’re getting the most out of your firewood. Our excellent winter firewoods - Ash and Oak - will get you through the winter warm and toasty.

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Ash & Oak: Best Winter Firewoods


Ash and Oak are hardwoods, meaning generally they burn slower than softer woods like Pine, Birch, etc. At Ron’s Tree Service and Firewood, we also “season” our winter firewoods for two years. This means it’s been cut, split, dried and kept out of the weather to remove most of the moisture from it. The total moisture will be below 20% after our seasoning process, which makes for excellent burning.


Ash and Oak have higher heat values than other woods:

  • 1 cord of Oak or Ash = 200-250 gallons of fuel oil or 250-300 cubic feet of natural gas
  • 1 cord of Maple = 150-200 gallons of fuel oil or 250-300 cubic feet of natural gas

Because of this, Oak and Ash can burn hotter and longer than other woods.


Because of the higher heat value, a cord of Oak or Ash is much more efficient at burning than a cord of other wood. The amount of Ash or Oak you pack into your stove or fireplace will produce more heat and last longer than other woods too. You’ll love this efficiency for cost, and for keeping you warm on those cold winter nights.