How To Care For Your Trees In Winter

Trees are a wonderful addition to any yard, and should be cared for as part of the family. They’re also utilitarian, reducing expensive cooling costs in the summer by shading your home, and protecting from soil erosion. With falling temperatures, winter may seem like the time of year to ignore tree care and take it easy, but they still need help – either from a very knowledgeable homeowner or a local tree service.

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Visual Inspections

It’s important to visually inspect your trees for evidence of pests, mold or other diseases. A certified arborist will know all of the signs, and it’s easiest to spot most of them after leaves have fallen.

Any sign of disease or pests should be addressed by a certified arborist as soon as possible to protect the health and integrity of your trees. If neglected these infestations or illnesses can quickly compromise the health and integrity of your tree causing it to fail.


Trim Trees

It’s best to schedule tree trimming after the leaves have fallen. This way, any dead, broken and interfering branches can easily be removed, and it provides the tree time to recover before the growing season. With a certified arborist, deciding where and how to trim and cut is easy.

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