How To Know You Have A Sick Tree & What To Do Next

A sick tree is no laughing matter, and nothing to brush off either. Just as you would check a child for a cough, runny nose, rashes, and other illnesses, you need to observe your tree closely to find out what the symptoms are, and if they truly point to a sickness.

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How To Find Out If You Have A Sick Tree

To find out if you have a sick tree, you’ll need to look closely at the entire organism. Remember, trees are living, breathing beings who grow and change, get sick, get better, and need the best conditions to thrive.

1. Examine The Roots

  • Is the ground heaving up?
  • Are any roots severed or decaying?
  • Are there fungi, such as mushrooms growing near the roots or base?
  • Is there any loose bark, cracks, or slits in the tree?

2. Examine The Trunk

  • Is there any swelling?
  • Are there any cavities?
  • Do you feel any softness, or find any decaying wood or holes?

3. Examine The Canopy

  • Are there any dead or dying branches? They may exhibit no leaves or lack of bark.
  • Are there spots or holes in any of the leaves? Are they deformed or oddly colored?
  • Are there branches that seem overweight, leaning or falling toward the ground?

What To Do With A Sick Tree

If you’ve noticed something odd about your tree, there may be a problem. Depending on the issue, a simple Google search for related images may help you diagnose the tree. But, just like using WebMD for your child’s sickness, it can often be in your best interest to ask a professional to examine the tree.

At Ron’s Tree Service, we can help you save sick trees. We have a Certified Arborist on staff and have been working with trees since 1985. As a fully-license, -bonded and -insured tree crew, we can identify diseases and help provide recommendations to heal them or provide removal if it comes to that.

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