Know Your Firewood - 4 Reasons To Pay Attention

When you need the best firewood for your wood stove, campfire or fireplace, you’ll want to do your research. At Ron’s Tree Service and Firewood, we do the research for you and give you the best, most seasoned wood possible. But, if you still feel the need, we’ve got some great pointers for you to find great firewood.

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4 Reasons Wood Type Matters

The wood you burn is critical to the safety of your family and the performance of your fireplace. Wood species affects how well your stove performs in a several areas:

  1. Your fire’s efficiency depends significantly on the type of wood you use. Softwoods and resinous (oily) woods can burn inefficiently. A pine would be considered both soft and oily.
  2. Resinous woods also create thick black smoke which can dirty your interior or glass if burning inside. Once clouded, cleaning the glass can be more difficult.
  3. Resinous woods also creates a potential safety hazard in your home. Resinous woods produce significant amounts of creosote, which builds up within the chimney and is the main cause of chimney fires.
  4. Softwoods and resinous firewoods produce chemicals that are harsh on the internal components of a wood stove. Hardwoods provide much less wear and tear on wood stoves.

Firewood Types

Pretty much any non-resinous hardwood is a good choice for firewood, but here are three common woods we season, stock and deliver. Usually, we will deliver a mix of these three.


Oak is probably the best choice for any firewood application. As a dense hardwood, it’s slow, long burn is great for providing lots of heat or for cooking. Oak does take longer to season, but don’t worry, we take care of that part for you.


Ash is another great hardwood, but a bit easier to split and slightly faster to burn than oak. We properly season our ash, ensure any possible pests don’t make the trip with your firewood.


Maple firewood burns very similarly to ash. Properly seasoned, it will produce long and steady burns in your wood burning stove. It’s a very popular choice.