Tree Removal In Minnetonka

Tree Removal In Minnetonka

At Ron's Tree Service and Firewood, we're proud to provide professional tree removal in Minnetonka. Ron's Tree Service and Firewood are the best in the business across the Twin Cities metro.

We take great pride in doing the job right the first time. When we leave your Minnetonka yard, you won't be able to tell we were there - no debris is left behind. Get in touch to schedule tree removal service.

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Ron’s Tree Removal In Minnetonka

We have experienced and trained professionals on staff for tree removal in Minnetonka, and we’re ready to help. Our commitment to providing exceptional, cost-effective tree removal services has not changed since 1985. We're dedicated to serving you.

Our Expertise

Ron’s Tree Service is part of the Minnesota Landscapers Association, Minnesota Tree Care Registry and Ron’s son-in-law is the Certified Arborist on the team. The entire team is fully licensed, bonded and insured, which is a huge deal because most Minnetonka area tree services don’t carry insurance. We’re also A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota. When you hire Ron’s Tree Service, you’ll never be disappointed.

Tree Removal In Minnetonka Reviews

Check out a tree removal review from a Minnetonka area resident:

“We had some 'weed' trees and another that split removed this year. They were large trees (30'+) and Ron's Tree Service and Firewood took care of them without an issue. They even cleaned up to the point my visiting parents couldn't tell it happened (same day). I originally got to know them for their firewood, and it's the best. Very dry, lights easily and they stack it up in my garage every time. Great guys, great product, great service.”