Tree Trimming

Tree trimming from a bucket truck.

Ron’s Tree Service and Firewood offers tree trimming services to residential and commercial clients across the greater Minneapolis area.

Trees need to be trimmed and shrubs need to be pruned on a regular basis to ensure your property stays lush and healthy. Proper maintenance and trimming can help your trees become stronger which will help them withstand harsher weather.

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Mature Tree Trimming

For your mature trees, it’s important to contract for regular trimming to remove dead and dying branches and maintain plant health and safety. Untrimmed trees can become overgrown, which is bad for their health and can be detrimental to your lawn as well, as less sunshine will filter through the canopy. Trimming may also need to be done to eliminate interference with objects and structures and to compensate for structural weaknesses in the branches themselves.

Proper upkeep on your trees will help them fight off disease and improve flower or fruit production. The healthier a deciduous tree is, the more vibrant its colors in the fall.

Lake side tree trimming

Young Tree Trimming

As your trees are growing, they’ll need structural support as well. Trees evolved in forests where they tended to put all their energy into growing straight up, giving up those lower branches in the competition for sunlight. In your hard, they probably don’t have to try so hard and end up creating a lot of extra lower branches which can get in your way when mowing or put undue stress on the young tree.

Lower branches tend to grow at the same rate as the trunk, which can result in weak joints which can fail later in life. That’s why trimming trees when they’re young is important. It’s also needed to maintain spacing between branches so they don’t criss-cross or cause other issues.

Shrub Pruning

We also provide shrub pruning services. Pruning is not shearing – shearing produces an artificial shape, like a sphere, oval or cube by removing just a portion of the new growth which can lead to the plant outgrowing its space.

Pruning on the other hand focuses on removing new and old growth with cuts made deeper into the shrub. This gives your shrub a looser, informal structure based on its species or variety. Pruning allows you to maintain the shrub at a specific size, emphasizing its natural beauty.

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