3 Land Clearing Tips For A Better Yard

Whether you have trees, brambles, furrows, rocks or other vegetation or objects you need removed, it can be difficult to do. Land clearing is an arduous process, and hiring a professional for portions of it can be the right decision. At Ron’s Tree Service, we specialize in tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding. Contact us today to get an estimate.

1. Get Professional Help Or Equipment

Even on a small lot, clearing trees, brush or rocks can be a lot of work. We strongly advise you to call professionals like us, especially for dangerous portions of land clearing. But, there are cases where you may be able to DIY much of your land clearing job.

For most jobs, you will need, among other things:

  • Hand tools (shovel, pickaxe, crowbar, etc.)
  • Chain saw
  • Excavator / skid steer

Depending on the type of brush, trees, or rocks which need to be removed, you may need anything from a couple of hours with a chainsaw to several weeks are hard labor with a mid-sized excavator.

If you’ll be clearing trees or trimming them, make sure you have suitable training with cutting down trees, as chainsaws and falling logs can be extremely dangerous. If you are even remotely unsure, give us a call.

2. Don’t Let Raw Material Go To Waste - Reuse!

For non-valuable wood, there are several options. Some companies, like Ron’s Tree Service, will grind it into wood chips to use for mulch or fuel. Or you yourself could use the wood for firewood! Another great aspect of Ron’s Tree Service is that we can deliver firewood to your home as well, to keep your fire burning long after your initial wood is used up.

3. Get Your Permits

Land clearing is a very disruptive process to the environment, so it is important that it is done safely and responsibly.

Depending on your state, county or city codes, you may need different permits to fell trees near structures or power lines. There is also the issue of buried wires or pipelines if you plan to pull out trees or grind stumps. Extreme care must be taken.

If you think these land clearing tips have shown you that your project needs more than just your set of hands involved, then don’t hesitate to call a professional expert like Ron’s Tree Service!