4 Excellent Fall Tree Care Tips

Help your trees get ready for winter this fall. Check out our fall tree care tips. Besides tree trimming, these are the best things you can do for your trees!

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Fall Tree Care

1. Fertilize

Fall fertilization helps protect your tree from damage in the winter.

In their natural forest habitat, trees have plenty of nutrients to absorb from falling leaves and decaying organic matter. Trees in our yards are a different story, and have to deal with different stressors and a different environment than they evolved for. Fertilization is one of the best things you can do for fall tree care.

2. Rake/Mulch

“Why would I rake when the trees need fertilizer? Let the leaves decay and feed the tree!”

This is what you might be thinking, but it doesn’t quite work that way. Leaving all of your leaves on the ground can start to choke out grass, and lead to fungus and disease which can harm your tree. By raking up a good portion of your leaves or mulching them, you can help them break down easier and truly feed your trees and grass.

If you can’t see the top third of your grass blade, there’s too many leaves and they should be raked or mulched.

3. Water

One of the most important parts of fall tree care is the watering. Water scarcity can be localized if your trees sit at the top of a ridge and the roots aren’t deep or wide enough to provide support.

Watering in the mornings and evenings is best, with low, slow soaks doing the most good, as large trees can lift 100 gallons of water per day. Be sure to water the earth and not the trunk, as direct water on the trunk can encourage fungal growth.

4. Plant

Planning to plant trees this year? Fall is the time to do it! As long as you can get it planted in early fall, your tree has a great chance of survival.

Planting in spring or summer can lead to scorched trees which have a hard time with droughts. Planting in the fall allows your tree to take advantage of cooler weather, get some growth in and then hibernate and get in a strong start next spring before summer hits.