What To Look For After A Damaging Winter

As winter storms and freezing temperatures have battered our vehicles, homes, and morale, our trees are taking a hit too. Winter tree care is important, so take inventory of the trees around your home to make sure they aren’t a danger to your person or property.

At Ron’s Tree Service, we provide tree trimming and tree removal services any time of year - if a storm hits with ice and snow, or a hard freeze takes its toll, give us a call.

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Winter Tree Care Inventory

There are many factors that determine if a tree needs care after a hard winter. Outside of injury, the age of the tree is a deciding factor in whether to trim or remove the tree.

When looking at your trees, remember that these are simply guidelines. When you call a professional, they’ll need to make their own evaluation to be sure of what course of action to take.


Things To Look For:

  • Are there breaks, cracks or splits in the limbs?
  • Are more than 50% of your tree’s large limbs damaged in some way?
  • Any wounds can not only cause branches to fall and damage people or property, but also allow in pests and diseases which can weaken your tree further.


  • Is the top of the main trunk still intact?
  • Is any portion of the trunk cracked or split open? Cracks can be very fatal to a tree, as well as to you and your property.


  • Has the tree been uprooted, where roots are fully coming out of the ground?
  • Has the tree been shaken, so roots have disturbed the soil?

Call A Winter Tree Care Specialist

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